Web3.unity V2.6 adds Ramp and Hyperplay

Web3.unity v2.6: in-game fiat integration via Ramp, Hyperplay wallet integration, build your own in-game marketplace, user-generated content (UGC).

Web3.unity V2.6 adds Ramp and Hyperplay

In-game fiat integration via Ramp

This is where it’s at—fiat on/off ramps are now possible through our Ramp integration in web3.unity. Having a pathway for fiat to enter your game’s economy eliminates tons of extra steps for your players. No need to have an existing balance or go through an exchange. Your game can be a new player's entry-point into the web3 universe!

Ramp | Web3 financial infrastructure | Buy & sell crypto
Allow users to buy and sell crypto without leaving your app or wallet. Buy and sell crypto directly on our website.

Hyperplay wallet integration

The newly-integrated Hyperplay powers seamless wallet interactions through MetaMask and WalletConnect. Players who’ve already experienced Hyperplay can easily access their wallet funds when they try out your game. As Hyperplay gains ground, game devs can include this functionality to increase their game’s reach to a wide pool of players.

HyperPlay | Web3 Game Store
HyperPlay facilitates web3 desktop gaming.

Build your own in-game marketplace

Marketplace read/write calls have been added to web3.unity so you, too, can whip up a branded web3 marketplace that works in-game. Integrate a marketplace and Ramp’s fiat on/off ramp capabilities and you have a mixture for a very, very quick first-purchase.

As you may recall, ChainSafe collaborated with Echelon Prime and Parallel to develop the web3 marketplace for Parallel TCG—you can read all about it here 👇

Sanctuary: Building Echelon’s Next-gen NFT Marketplace
ChainSafe Gaming was contracted by Echelon to develop, among other related systems, Sanctuary: the NFT marketplace that will feature tradable NFT assets from Parallel.

User-generated content (UGC)

Now users can upload images and metadata with web3.unity scripts—seems small, but this update sets the foundation for adding user-generated content in your games!

Giving your players the option to create in-game content can improve their engagement and connection to the game itself. Reduce the content creation load, increase your game’s longevity, and open up new opportunities for co-marketing.

web3unity | Blockchain Gaming SDK
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Full web3.unity v2.6 release notes

  • Added Ramp.Network as a fiat on/off ramp provider for iOS and WebGL.
  • await ISigner.GetAddress() is changed to synchronous ISigner.PublicAddress.
  • Reworked static ERCxx utility classes into web3 services and default contract wrappers. You can now access them with web3.ErcXX.*.
  • Login fix as the previous json file regarding chains was deprecated.
  • Marketplace read/write calls added to the SDK via modular package import.
  • Hyperplay integration to the SDK via modular package import.
  • IPFS/Storage metadata & image uploads fixed.

Quality of life / UX

  • Server drop down menus included in server settings for a nicer UX.
  • Server settings tab moved to the top toolbar in Unity for a nicer UX.
  • Server menu items order adjusted to make the server settings more prominent for easy access.
  • Sample scene calls now have serialized editor fields for on-the-fly changes.
  • Docs strings added to functions for readability.
  • General bug fixes, optimizations.
  • Moved our custom WalletConnectSharp integration to a separate package.
  • Improved WalletConnectSharp integration. Added an option to use a custom connection popup.
  • Added WalletConnectUnity integration to the core package.
  • Removed Save Settings button from Server Settings → Now we detect changes automatically.
  • Improved contract interaction UX. Added generic CallSingle<TOut, TIn1, …, TInX>, CallMany<…>, SendVoid<…>, SendSingle<…> & SendMany<…> extension methods to invoke smart contract methods.

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