The Grand Exchange: ChainSafe’s Marketplace Toolkit

After months of dedicated engineering work, the quality of tooling used by the Echelon Prime Foundation and Parallel is now available for all game builders in our web3.unity SDK. 

The Grand Exchange: ChainSafe’s Marketplace Toolkit

ChainSafe is excited to announce the public launch of our In-game Marketplace Toolkit—a ready-to-go package that gives your players a fair means of exchange for their in-game assets. Game builders can now tap into the same infrastructure that powers trading in web3’s latest gem (and contender for coolest game), Parallel TCG.

After months of dedicated engineering work, the quality of tooling used by the Echelon Prime Foundation and Parallel is now available for all game builders in our open-source web3.unity SDK

Parallel TCG's Sanctuary marketplace, featuring NFT trades and card catalogue.
“Since the marketplace launched in December, ChainSafe has focused in on user experience—implementing feedback from community members to fine-tune the product further.” - Echelon Prime Foundation

Since launching in December 2023, our marketplace has experienced zero outages and supported over 3000 transactions in Parallel TCG. As we continue to add Ethereum mainnet support in the coming months, we both expect and are able to support a dramatic increase in trading activity.

We’ve reshaped this customized product into a free, easily implemented version as part of our web3.unity SDK for web3 game builders. A great marketplace, though, has to do more than run—players have decades of gaming experience built into their expectations. Immersion is foremost, and your players’ marketplace experience is an extension of this element. Building with our Marketplace Toolkit lets you bake your game’s branding, mood, and feel directly into each item exchange, extending player engagement into the meta aspects of gameplay.

“Do we want [players’] first experience buying something to be from a non-descript, horizontal marketplace? Or do we want it to feel like it is part of the ecosystem and the lore, and the story that we believe is going to pull people in?” - Echelon Prime Foundation

Specs and compatibility

ChainSafe Gaming’s Marketplace Toolkit lets you create, manage and visualize your marketplace through the dashboard without having to be a Solidity expert.

ERC-721 and ERC-1155 compatible

Both of those token standards support basic NFTs, with dynamic NFTs placed high on our marketplace roadmap going forward. Dynamic NFTs, in particular, offer a host of cool design features for gaming. What’s a dynamic NFT? Click here!

EVM-based chains

Alongside the suite of web3.unity prefabs, our marketplace currently supports Polygon, Avalanche and Binance Smart Chain but can support any EVM-based chain upon request. 

Marketplace indexer

Filter marketplace listings by asset’s attributes for quick, specific shopping and strategy building. Gamers go item shopping with laser-like focus. Let them find what they’re looking for!

Multiple marketplaces

Host a marketplace both in and outside of your game simultaneously. Players can use the in-game marketplace without disrupting gameplay, or access the web version wherever they may be. With our toolkit, you can launch a web marketplace for your mobile game and avoid the hassle of app-store economics altogether.

Import existing NFT collections

Don’t start from scratch if you don’t have to! Our toolkit includes NFT contract whitelisting so you can import already-minted NFTs. You can get them listed and working in your ChainSafe marketplace within minutes.

Quick facts

  • Each dashboard project can support multiple marketplaces
  • Custom, developer-configurable fee structures
  • Anytime reconfiguration of network name and chain
  • Items can be listed with a deadline

Everything for Unity NFT games

Our web3.unity SDK includes everything you need to get your marketplace running, stocked, and active.

Onchain LootBoxes

Open a new revenue stream at any development phase—even day-zero. Our LootBoxes are provably random, fair, and can help distribute liquidity for your new marketplace.

Learn more about onchain LootBoxes.

Batch NFT minter

Prep your game assets for the store with our batch NFT minter. Includes voucher minting via WebGL or WebWallet for added security.

Frictionless transactions

Ramp and Gelato integrations make transacting in your game a seamless experience. Ramp Network empowers fiat on/off ramps, while Gelato enables gasless transactions.

Social sign-in

Most gamers don’t have a web3 wallet—that’s a fact. Tap into the majority of the gaming audience with social sign-ins, powered by Web3Auth.

Add a marketplace and watch it grow

Horizontal vs. vertical marketplaces in gaming

Horizontal marketplaces (Amazon is the prime example) serve a consumer need by aggregating multiple product types into a single storefront. A vertical marketplace, on the other hand, caters to a niche customer seeking a specific product or shopping experience. Gamers, playing a game, have extremely specific goals when shopping for game items. 

Building an in-game marketplace with our toolkit caters to the hyper-specific nature of gaming purchases. Players can find the items they’re looking for while continuing to experience the look and feel of your game throughout the shopping process.

NFT Marketplace: optimize your game for gamers

Third-party marketplaces incentivize traders, not players. Finding the right listings takes too long, and transacting involves extra brainpower on the part of the player—having the correct wallet connected, the correct currency, and even the correct game in some cases. Transfers, gas fees, and the risk of confusion can over-complicate a simple potion run to the point of abandonment.

Building a branded e-commerce experience around your tradable game assets eliminates interruptions in gameplay. Immersion is maintained, and the drop-off points between a player and a third-party marketplace cease to be a problem. 

Cooking up your own marketplace (ChainSafe Gaming can help!) gives you a marketplace UI that serves gameplay, maintains the game loop, and keeps players pondering their overall strategy. Better yet, players will trade their NFT items with confidence and with greater frequency.

Accelerate production, revenue, and growth. Let’s build together.

Grow with ChainSafe Gaming

The web3.unity SDK comes fully loaded with prefabs and tooling to build the kind of game that gamers expect while delivering the web3 benefits they’ll come to expect in the not-so-distant future. 

Combining those features with a new, in-game, on-brand marketplace can give your game the seamless, simple feel that onchain gaming is hurtling towards. We’re seeing it with Parallel, and the whole ChainSafe Gaming team is beyond excited to see how our Marketplace Toolkit will drive other web3-enabled games—starting today!

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ChainSafe is a leading blockchain research and development firm specializing in protocol engineering, cross-chain interoperability, and web3 gaming. Alongside its contributions to major ecosystems such as Ethereum, Polkadot, and Filecoin, ChainSafe creates solutions for developers across the web3 space utilizing expertise in gaminginteroperability, and decentralized storage. As part of its mission to build innovative products for users and improved tooling for developers, ChainSafe embodies an open-source and community-oriented ethos to advance the future of the internet.

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Team contributions

These team members contributed to building this product:

  • Arun Dhyani
  • Sadiqur Rahman Sohel
  • Ohm Patel
  • Anderson Lee
  • Tanmoy
  • Serena Ho