Web3.js Repository Migration Announcement

Web3.js Repository Migration Announcement

Authored by Colin Adams

As part of our collaboration with the Ethereum Foundation (EF), we're migrating the web3.js repository to a new repo. ChainSafe will continue to be solely responsible for the maintenance and improvement of web3.js.

With 500,000+ weekly downloads, web3.js is one of Ethereum's most important libraries. For anyone unfamiliar, web3.js is a collection of JavaScript libraries that power tools and dApps, allowing developers to easily build value on top of Ethereum.

We've had the honor of maintaining web3.js since 2020, and while changing where the codebase lives and who has admin control might seem like a significant change, this was planned. Web3.js is a public good that belongs to the Ethereum community as a whole. To reflect this, Chainsafe and the EF decided to migrate the library to a new repository dedicated specifically to maintaining web3.js moving forward.

Another aspect of our grant is the creation of a community website, which is now live! This will be a hub for support, educational resources, extensions, and related projects.

In tandem, we're doing outreach that includes talks, workshops, and other incentives to foster a vibrant, supportive developer ecosystem. These efforts, coupled with our 4.x TypeScript rewrite, will be a significant devx upgrade and ensure that web3.js is a continued source of value for the community.

Given our work on projects like Lodestar, a TypeScript implementation of Ethereum Consensus, and our gaming SDK, which is approaching web3.js equivalence in Unity, we feel uniquely well-positioned to act as stewards.

Our current agreement with the Ethereum Foundation runs until the end of this year, and we will continue as long as we're asked. Web3.js is an integral part of Ethereum's history, and we aim to ensure it's a big part of its future as well.

An alpha release of version 4.x has just been announced! Check it out. For more news and information, check out web3.js on Twitter or Discord.

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