NFT Minting And Marketplace For web3.unity

NFT Minting And Marketplace For web3.unity

Authored by Ben Adar

Major update for ChainSafe Gaming's SDK, web3.unity

web3.unity is an open-source gaming SDK developed by ChainSafe Gaming that connects games built with Unity to the blockchain. The library currently supports games built for web browsers (WebGL), iOS/Android mobile, and desktop. web3.unity is compatible with most EVM-based chains such as Ethereum, Polygon, Moonbeam, Cronos, Nervos, and Binance Smart Chain, letting developers easily choose and switch between them to create the best in-game experience.

ChainSafe Gaming has released a new version of its SDK, web3.unity, with brand new prefabs! The latest release of web3.unity includes two major new features: NFT minting and an NFT marketplace. Both are available in-game or on the web. A host of other new features enhances the gaming DevEx, while an unwalled, no lock-in developer environment remains the hallmark of the library. All features are accessible across supported EVM chains.

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New developer-centric features

ChainSafe Gaming was inspired to build a slate of new functionalities for the web3.unity repo after extensive research speaking with our community of developers. The latest update to the SDK is an answer to the call from our community for many in-demand blockchain gaming features, including:

  • Prefabs for in-game NFT minting (ERC-721 and ERC-1155 supported) with or without an anti-cheat voucher, so you can reward users or create collectibles right where the action is happening

  • An anti-cheat minting "voucher" prefab and server code for creating/releasing vouchers, helping you ensure players have earned NFTs through fair play and can't replay or manipulate NFT transactions

  • In-game marketplace prefabs so players can buy, sell, and list NFTs from the game developer or each other without leaving the game to visit an external website

  • A beta web interface for performing minting and marketplace actions, using the same contracts and back-end as our prefabs so developers and players can seamlessly choose the workflow that's best for them

  • Standardized NFT metadata, backed up automatically through IPFS via ChainSafe Storage so NFTs can be conveniently ported to other platforms at any time and are not dependent on a single server

Developers can access the latest prefabs through the web3.unity SDK from the ChainSafe Gaming GitHub. Brand new drag-and-drop modules can be easily installed into any Unity game, including the in-game minter, in-game marketplace, and voucher system.

Your game, your choice

Web3.unity features a Unity prefab to include an NFT marketplace directly in-game, allowing players to buy game assets and collectibles seamlessly without distracting from the play experience.

In-game purchase prefab, as shown in Unity.

A minted asset as it appears on the web UI marketplace.

The ChainSafe Gaming team is also beta releasing an easy-to-use website for minting NFTs, viewing game assets, and accessing marketplace buy/sell functions. Both the in-game and official website marketplaces point to the same contract address, so developers and players can choose which flow is best for their needs.

Keep up with the progress and try out the beta site here.

A look at the ChainSafe Marketplace beta site.

Under the hood, all minting and selling get handled through minimal centralized intermediaries and servers.

All NFT metadata is conveniently stored on IPFS and pinned via ChainSafe Storage by default. At any time, developers can move to another pinning solution or directly pin on IPFS themselves. We also follow NFT metadata standards so that developers can port their NFT storage to other solutions outside of the web3.unity/Unity ecosystem. No lock-in, no walled gardens. Simple flexibility, right at your fingertips.

Currently, NFT minting is free for all users, excluding the gas cost, but will include an NFT purchasing fee of 3%. This fee goes directly to furthering the development of the service and providing the best developer and player experience possible.

Demo the newest features of web3.unity

A tech demo of web3.unity's newest features.

The ChainSafe Gaming team created a simple tech demo to showcase all of the latest features of the web3.unity SDK. You can try it out here.

Starting with the web3/MetaMask login, you will be able to take a tour of the ranch while collecting gold coins (don't get hit by the cars!). When you're ready, interact with the different areas to test out demo use cases for some of web3.unity's functionalities. Open up the developer console in your browser to see what's happening in real-time behind the scenes as you interact with the "Mint!", "Voucher!" and "Marketplace" functions.

The tech demo also features other standard web3.unity features, including Web3gl.Sign ("Sign!"), Web3gl.SendContract ("Transfer!"), EVM.verify ("Verify!"), and ("Contract Call"). All of these demonstrate the power we're putting into the developer's hands for creating novel game experiences for gamers in web3.

Learn more from our engineer Sneakz in this tutorial video:

You can check out the full Github repo for the demo here.

The demo is also available in other builds:

Join the community on Sept 28 @ 7 pm ET in Discord

Presenting the 5th installation of the ChainSafe Gaming Community Call

ChainSafe Gaming is hosting a community call in our Discord to celebrate this new release! Join us on Wednesday, September 28th, 2022 at 7 pm ET. Sneakz and our newest(!) ChainSage nftpixels will be leading the call and showcasing all of the new features for web3.unity. We're inviting all of our ecosystem partners and friends, and ofcourse, you, our beloved gaming devs to join us!

Crucially, we're running a 2-week hackathon starting Sept 28th through to Oct 12th, 2022. We're offering over $2k in bounties for hackers that develop projects that use our marketplace prefab. Points go towards gameplay, visuals, and creativity! Get ready to hack!

You can learn more about submission details from our hackathon guidelines.

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Welcome to the new era of #web3 gaming

Dive into the code via Github and the docs and download the latest SDK release, which includes the new minting, voucher, and in-game marketplace prefabs.

We LOVE seeing our talented gaming community's work. If you or your team have integrated any of the features from the web3.unity suite, don't hesitate to share them on social media and tag us (@ChainSafeGaming or @ChainSafeth on Twitter, ChainSafe Systems on LinkedIn, etc.) Use the hashtags #web3unity, #ChainSafeGaming, and we will gladly reshare to show our support :)

If you have any questions about the latest release, join the burgeoning gaming community over in the #🕹 gaming-general channel in our Discord. And don't forget to check out our Gaming SDK YouTube tutorials!

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Thank you to Alessandro Voto, Kwame Bryan, Sneakz, Ryan Noble, Megan Doyle, Phil Lucsok, and Tim Ho for contributing to this article.