Lodestar Setup Guide v2

Lodestar Setup Guide v2

Authored by Colin Adams
A comprehensive guide for Lodestar - ChainSafe's TypeScript implementation of Ethereum Consensus

The most anticipated event in Ethereum history - The Merge - is on the horizon. The Merge is the end of Proof of Work and the full transition to Proof of Stake, a fundamental change in how the Ethereum blockchain arrives at consensus.

But to safely execute The Merge, Ethereum needs a diverse set of node implementations. In part, that's why we've built Lodestar - which is now production-ready and primed for use. While the community is doing its best to encourage individuals to adopt minority clients, a lot can also be done by staking service providers and pools.

Why should you participate? Because staking is a public good for the Ethereum ecosystem, particularly in terms of minority clients. This is your chance to help secure the beacon chain, contribute to network health and, of course, earn rewards in the process.

If you'd like to give Lodestar a try, we've created a video guide for getting started.

You can also refer to our comprehensive setup guide created by Phil Ngo. This is the updated Lodestar start guide with step-by-step instructions for setting up on Docker and through NPM. It's also possible to start on the Prater testnet with Goerli Ether before moving to mainnet.

If you want to try Lodestar specifically for The Merge testnets, we have a simple, one-command script to help you run Lodestar on Kintsugi with a supported execution client.


If you have any questions or need technical support, feel free to stop by the ChainSafe Discord ⭐️#-lodestar-general channel. We're happy to help! To stay current, you can also join the #lodestar-announcements channel or subscribe to the Lodestar Development Updates mailing list.

Special thanks to the EthStaker community and Rémy Roy for their contributions to this setup guide!

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