The Lodestar Vision for the Pectra Roadmap

the Lodestar team wanted to provide an update on how we envision proceeding with the Pectra roadmap.

The Lodestar Vision for the Pectra Roadmap

After a successful interop between teams as well as advancements on current Pectra specifications alongside other side implementations, the Lodestar team wanted to provide an update on how we envision proceeding with the Pectra roadmap.

To build on the thoughts shared by the Reth client team and the EthPandaOps team, we see a more significant and safer benefit to splitting the inclusions into two separate forks, minimizing risks at the sacrifice of some velocity.

Pectra (Estimated Q4 2024)

We argue to ship "as-is" and deliver this as soon as possible for users. If there is no hard stop to including features for Pectra, we will create more uncertainty with inevitable scope creep and unpredictable timelines. Testing and devnets have already pushed progress far enough in Kenya that six months of testing should suffice with this scope closed off to any more EIPs except CL stability EIPs 7495+7688 and potentially a blob increase if required due to a slight delay with PeerDAS.

As demonstrated by Nimbus and Lodestar, SSZ StableContainer (EIP-7495) and forward-compatible consensus data structures (EIP-7688) are manageable consensus layer inclusions that will not significantly delay a Pectra hard fork for 2024. To further promote SSZ stability, will help track implementation across clients.

F-Star/Osaka (Estimated Q2 2025)

The remaining items not included are EIPs that require specification tweaking and would otherwise extend the Pectra timeline past 2024.

We would like to convert all MPTs to SSZ except the state trie (which will become a verkle trie) to complete the transition. This includes EIPs 6404, 6465, 6466, and 6493.

G-Star/Bogota (Estimated 2025-2026)


Our vision for the Pectra roadmap sets a clear path for Ethereum's evolution through a series of carefully planned updates. The roadmap aims to enhance the network's performance, security, and scalability by focusing on incremental improvements and prioritizing risk mitigation. This phased approach ensures that each upgrade is manageable and thoroughly tested, paving the way for Ethereum's continued growth and stability.

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