How to Verify a Signed Message in Solidity

How to Verify a Signed Message in Solidity

Authored by Leon Do

How to sign a message with a wallet and verify the signature on-chain using ecrecover

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This is a practical tutorial on signing a message using MetaMask and then verifying it on-chain.

Here's a demo:

GitHub - leon-do/ecrecover: verify a signed ETH message



  • This is using the method personal_signto prevent accidental transaction spending. This will relate to \x19Ethereum Signed Message:\n32 prefix found in the smart contract (below).

  • This is signing the hashed message.


Below is the required information to verify a signature. Use this in your smart contract.

hashedMessage = 0x1c8aff950685c2ed4bc3174f3472287b56d9517b9c948127319a09a7a36deac8
r = 0xb7cf302145348387b9e69fde82d8e634a0f8761e78da3bfa059efced97cbed0d
s = 0x2a66b69167cafe0ccfc726aec6ee393fea3cf0e4f3f9c394705e0f56d9bfe1c9
v = 28

Smart Contract

Create the solidity contract.


  • Notice the prefix,\x19Ethereum Signed Message:\n32 is required to verify a signed message.

  • The prefix is hashed along with the message.

  • ecrecover should return the address of the signer.

Verify in Solidity

Input the hashed message and signature (r, s, v) to verify the address.

Use Case: Unity Gaming

  • Game developer creates a game, server, and smart contract that issues prizes if the player wins.

  • Player wins and tells the game developer they won.

  • Game server provides the player with a signature (explained above) that allows the user to claim. Think of this as a coupon.

  • Player then interacts with the contract and submits the signature (coupon) to claim their prize.

Example smart contract deployed by game developer

After winning, the player gets a signature (coupon) from the game server to claim their prize


Player parses the signature in Unity

The player can then interact with the smart contract to claim their prize. More information here.

true means the player received their prize


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