Ethermint Testnet to Launch

Ethermint Testnet to Launch

Authored by Colin Schwarz

Ethermint's First Public Testnet will Launch November 26th!

ChainSafe is extremely excited to announce that we will launch the first public Ethermint testnet this Thursday, November 26th! ChainSafe will release the endpoints for users to connect to this testnet via Twitter at 10am EST this Thursday!

The purpose of this initial public testnet will be to allow developers to deploy and test existing smart contracts from Ethereum or any new code they would like to write on this exciting new platform. Users are also encouraged to connect to these contracts using Web3 tooling and to test existing functionality. Validators and infrastructure providers may also connect to the testnet to become familiar with the software, but this first testnet will not be incentivized. Users can look forward to the Game of Ethermint, our first incentivized testnet which will come out in Q1 of 2021. For background on Ethermint and full details on our development roadmap, check out this article.

This testnet is based on the Cosmos SDK v0.39.2 (aka launchpad) and Go Ethereum v1.9.24 and runs the latest version of Ethermint v0.3.1. The upcoming testnets will be part of the larger Cosmos ecosystem Stargate series (Cosmos SDK v0.40.X), which will support features such as IBC for interoperability and protobuf encoding for state and clients.

For more details on Ethermint, the testnet and how to join, please head to our documentation.

If you are interested in getting involved and contributing to the project, check out our Github. For questions about the testnet or Ethermint in general, please get in contact with one of our Ethermint team members on Chainsafe's Discord or email