Ethereum Light Client Task Force: GO!

Ethereum Light Client Task Force: GO!

Authored by Cayman Nava
light and airy

At ChainSafe, we've been hard at work thinking about the research problems of eth2 light clients and the problems plaguing eth1 light clients. We think light client tech holds great promise to improve blockchain UX while maintaining a rock-solid foundation of security, but it still needs gestation to reach wider use. We can point to the great success of eth1 beam sync (syncing the eth1 chain in minutes vs the norm of hours/days) as an example of the latent abilities that light client tech holds. To that end, we've decided to sponsor a monthly community call to help bring light client concerns to the limelight.

Now announcing light client task force! This is a monthly community call to:

  1. share light client research and to
  1. coordinate to bring light client tech to production

If you are a researcher, developer, or community advocate passionate about improving blockchain UX and/or making sure light clients hit production, we'd love to hear from you.

Our kickoff call will be on Nov. 6, 14:00 UTC (or 24 hrs before the eth2 implementers' call, if you please). Mark it in your calendars now! For our first meeting, we'll be having a Q/A with Zsolt Felföldi, speaking on the eth1 light client server incentivization framework he presented at Devcon. Join our Discord server for more details.

We're excited to create a forum for light client discussion and we hope to see you there!