ETHBerlin: Winners Spotlight

ETHBerlin: Winners Spotlight

ETHBerlin has been called a “hackathon extravaganza”, and this year members of the ChainSafe team entered their winning ideas. With 627 hackers and over 80 submissions, we are proud to announce that ChainSafe team members won 1st place in the Social Technologies track and 2nd place in the Defensive Tooling track! 

The first team, zuSammen, included Belma, our VP of Engineering, Marin, Head of Engineering Consulting, and Filip, Engineering Team Lead. 

The second team, zkTRIPSTER, included Timofey, Research Engineer, and Anton, Software Engineer. 

With all these engineers, can you tell they like building things?

Zu-Git-Proofs: 1st place in the social technologies track

Plenty of us love to stay anonymous, especially online. But what happens when those anonymous individuals start providing feedback in forums, doing tons of work on multitudes of different projects, and being among the top contributors? Should they be denied the recognition they deserve simply because they value their privacy?

Zu-Git-Proofs answers this question by awarding credibility badges based on GitHub contributions (e.g. Core Ethereum Contributor). Participants get to remain anonymous while still being recognized and trusted for their expertise.

Learn more 👉here

zkTRIPSTER: 2nd place in the Defensive Tooling Track

zkTRIPSTER stands for Time Release Incentive Platform for Security Threat Ethical Reporting. In short, it improves how companies organize bug bounty programs, allowing ethical hackers to prove vulnerabilities without disclosing too many specifics.

Companies may find it cheaper and easier to pay ethical hackers to keep quiet about security flaws, delaying patches as long as possible. This only widens the opportunity for malicious hackers to exploit the flaw. Beyond that, bug bounty programs are often flawed, hard to run, insufficiently compensated, and not always honoured.

Publicly disclosing vulnerabilities is crucial for holding companies accountable.

zkTRIPSTER's approach promotes trustless collaboration between researchers and developers, ensuring vulnerabilities get reported and addressed efficiently.

Learn more 👉 here

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