Aragon Chain Spec Goes Public

Aragon Chain Spec Goes Public

Authored by Colin Schwarz

ChainSafe is excited to announce that we have just published the specification for Aragon Chain. Aragon Chain is a new chain optimized for Aragon usage. Aragon Chain will be built by implementing existing Aragon smart contracts and associated components on Ethermint, which was also built by ChainSafe. The project will also include a bridge to Ethereum to enable data and value transfer between Aragon Chain and Aragon on Ethereum. Data passed across the bridge will be able to trigger actions on Aragon Chain through an Aragon Agent on Ethereum. It is great to see an open source project like this continue to be driven forward with community approval and input. From the beginning of the project, the Aragon community has been heavily involved and an important part of the process.

The process began when Aragon One commissioned ChainSafe to write a feasibility report about the various options for building Aragon Chain. The feasibility report was delivered to Aragon One on October 9th. The Aragon One team performed a careful review of all the options presented and concluded that using Ethermint would be the best option to implement Aragon Chain. The full rationale for this decision is best explained in this article.

The next step towards making Aragon Chain a reality was to submit the idea as an Aragon Governance Proposal (AGP) to be voted on by all ANT holders. Greg and Aidan submitted the proposal as AGP-106 and the report was made public. Greg was sure to remain active on the AGP thread to answer any questions that participants brought forward leading up to and during the vote. The voting closed on November 2nd and the results that came back for "AGP-106 Develop Aragon Chain" were a resounding yes.

The first deliverable of the Aragon Chain project is to publish a specification for the community to read and offer feedback. We are thus excited to take this next step and to announce that the final specification for Aragon Chain has just been published on the github. ChainSafe is eager to hear what people think about our work and will be happy to field questions, comments or suggestions. In the mean-time, work on both the migration and bridge aspect of the project is already underway. We are excited to see what people think about the spec and to continue building this awesome project!