Alpha Release of Web3.js v4.x

Alpha Release of Web3.js v4.x

Authored by Colin Adams
A complete overhaul of the essential Ethereum library in TypeScript

In 2020, the Ethereum Foundation awarded ChainSafe a grant to maintain and improve web3.js. This has meant providing ongoing support for v1.x while rewriting the library in modern TypeScript under v4.x.

Today, we're happy to announce the alpha release of the 4.x branch!

With more than 3,000 dependencies, web3.js is an important collection of JavaScript libraries that allows developers to build value on top of Ethereum. It's been around since the early days, and although it is historically significant, web3.js grew outdated and clunky over the years. So, when ChainSafe took over stewardship, modernizing the library in TypeScript was one of our key objectives.

Version 4.x represents a complete TypeScript overhaul to ensure that web3.js is an industry staple for years to come.

This rewrite is the beginning of a new era in the web3.js ecosystem, and the Alpha release is an important milestone toward that future. Version 4.0.1-alpha.0 features 1.x parity (with some breaking changes), unit tests 80% coverage (selected packages), E2E tests ( selected packages only, Web3, ETH, Contracts, Personal, Subscribe, HTTP, and WebSocket provider,) CI/CD updates, and revised documentation.

Version 4.x is built with maintainability and usability in mind, but as this is an Alpha release, it still has some distance to go before it reaches a more final form. As ChainSafe works toward stabilizing v4.x, the Truffle team will be helping us by migrating from 1.x to v4.0.1-alpha.0, testing for bugs, missing features, or other improvements. In the future, we will also likely add additional community testers as we move toward a beta release.

We also recently launched a new community website as a hub for support, educational resources, extensions, and related projects. For the latest news and information, follow web3.js on Twitter or join the Discord.

Go to the new web3.js website to find all the resources you want to explore!

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